Minecraft Server

The minecraft server has now been moved to a 24/7 host. The IP is still mc.ttgamers.ml:25565. If you have issues connecting, mention @jonesey in the discord.

Latest Developments

Hello everyone, this is the post that I had you waiting on for a few days now. We have quite a few latest developments. Some good, some not so good. but we have to live through them despite.

*Firstly, I had to re-install the forum due to some personnel issues and also for identification issues on the database, both of which have been resolved.

*Secondly, in order to make all our lives easier, we have setup up a status page to enable the public to check on servers. Saves time for everyone. The status page link: https://status.ttgamers.ml/

*Site is still in development mode (a little) to make the site’s frontend a little more viewer friendly.

*Discord now has #blog text channel to discus and ask about things posted in the #announcements channel.

*We would like all members to register on the forum @ https://forum.ttgamers.ml/. This is in preparation for another suprise we have up our sleeves.

That is all for now. Keep safe. Peace.

SA-MP Server

Hi Guys

We’ve recently setup a GTA SA-MP server, hosted 24/7 on a VPS in London, on gigabit networking so it should be pretty fast.

The server will be available 24/7, unless I reboot the server for a critical update or it crashes.

The details can be found at https://ttgamers.ml/game-servers.



Site Redesign and overhaul

Hey Guys,

Some of you might’ve noticed the site looks a little different, and not a lot is here at the moment. Please bear with us, as we are moving to a newer style with a CMS to make updating the site for you guys easier. The ETA for this to be complete is Monday 7th August, 2017 or before, but if for some reason it takes longer we will keep you updated.

Discord is still fully functional – so why not come along and have a chat with us, and leave your thoughts/suggestions for the website!


If you have any suggestions you just can’t wait to let out, feel free to drop me a line at me@jonesey.co subjected “TTGamers website”