Latest Developments

Hello everyone, this is the post that I had you waiting on for a few days now. We have quite a few latest developments. Some good, some not so good. but we have to live through them despite.

*Firstly, I had to re-install the forum due to some personnel issues and also for identification issues on the database, both of which have been resolved.

*Secondly, in order to make all our lives easier, we have setup up a status page to enable the public to check on servers. Saves time for everyone. The status page link:

*Site is still in development mode (a little) to make the site’s frontend a little more viewer friendly.

*Discord now has #blog text channel to discus and ask about things posted in the #announcements channel.

*We would like all members to register on the forum @ This is in preparation for another suprise we have up our sleeves.

That is all for now. Keep safe. Peace.