TTGamers Acceptable Use Policy

By using any TTGamers services, or communication channels, you agree to follow the acceptable use policy and accept that any violations may result in termination of your access to game servers or communication channels.

This AUP applies to: Discord, SA-MP, Minecraft and any other future game servers.

You will not spam in Discord, SA-MP or Minecraft. Spamming may result in a mute, kick or a ban depending on how severe it is (admin will decide at the time)

Racial, homophobic or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated, and will be treated with extreme severity. Keep it cool! We don’t mind friendly banter, but there is a line you must not cross (admins discretion if this goes too far)

You will not make any threats of any kind to anyone, whether they’re staff or not. Threats which may affect the integrity and availability of TTGamers will be treated with the highest severity and will be acted upon instantly.

Keep all servers and chats child-friendly. Keep all NSFW content in the appropriate areas, and if there isn’t one – send it in PM provided the other person is happy for you to do so. Pornographic images will result in an instant ban with no appeal.

Do not link to any other sites (unless an admin says its OK) other than TTGamers. If you absolutely must, please do so in a PM.

Political discussion is banned unless an admin allows it for any particular reason, and you must stop if an admin asks you to. Political discussion is an extremely controversial topic, and can cause arguments between users – and we’d rather not have any of it.

TTGamers administration & hosting team reserve all rights to remove any users from any service at any time, for any reason.

Denial of Service attacks/threats or other hacking attacks will not be tolerated, and subsequently will result in an instant ban from all servers.

Personal attacks on administrators, moderators, donators or other members will not be tolerated.

TTGamers donators and administration team reserve all rights to ban users for any reason not outlined in this AUP. This AUP may also be updated at any time without any notice.