Welcome to TTGamers. There’s not a lot here just yet, but that’s okay! The new site is under construction and will be ready hopefully by Monday.

Currently, we have oneĀ 24/7 server.


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Minecraft Server

The minecraft server has now been moved to a 24/7 host. The IP is still mc.ttgamers.ml:25565. If you have issues connecting, mention @jonesey in the discord.

Latest Developments

Hello everyone, this is the post that I had you waiting on for a few days now. We have quite a few latest developments. Some good, some not so good. but we have to live through them despite. *Firstly, I had to re-install the forum due to some personnel issues and also for identification issues …

Members of the TTGamers staff and hosting team give up their time (and money) to make this community grow; please treat them as such.

Below you will find a list of each member of staff, updated regularly, along with their roles and locations if they are not in Trinidad and Tobago.

here will be a table